Ideas Fund: Fort Building

Colm with his den, photo by Cliona Warren
Colm with his den, photo by Cliona Warren
I think that in such uncertain and scary times there can be something very comforting about a small, cosy space. This could be especially helpful to children who do not have a lot of space of their own as they share bedrooms with siblings. Problem-solving, resilience and creativity are the traits this project would value and nurture in its participants.

—Niamh O'Loughlin

Join artist Niamh O’Loughlin as she builds forts of all shapes and sizes - from a cave to a disco, a tent to a castle - all inside your own home. Niamh has created five different den-building films, each with a different style, and she will show you how she made her creations, using items found around the house: sheets, pillows, clothes pegs, sellotape and other bits and bobs. She will also lead imaginative activities to do inside your fort such as dancing or telling a story. 

If you wish to share your fabulous forts online, please email them to us at You can also share them on social media using the hashtags #ImaginateIdeas and #myfabulousfort. We will share them below in the Gallery of Fabulous Dens so lots of children can enjoy seeing all the dens.

Film One

Film Two

Film Three 

Film Four

Film Five

The Gallery of Fabulous Dens

You can see the full Gallery by checking out our FlickR album, plus a selection below.