Immerse Ideas Fund: Stop Motion Animation workshops

Credit: Image by Tim Reid
Credit: Image by Tim Reid
Stop Motion video is a fun and easy way to tell stories and make magical animations with toys and everyday items. With a camera phone or tablet you can start making your own films in minutes - or go deeper and create a masterpiece at home!

—Tim Reid

Stop Motion Animation workshops

Artist Tim Reid has created a series of three short pre-recorded workshops designed to help people use stop-motion software on a smartphone or tablet. These are straightforward, accessible, and suitable for a wide range of ages - from young children with help from their grown-ups to older children and young adults. You can download the accompanying notes on how to create stop motions animations here.

  • Video 1 is an introduction to Stop Motion, with some examples and a quick look at the software.
  • Video 2 is a step by step guide to the software, walking through the creation of a short animation with Lego and household objects.
  • Video 3 covers ways to add extra elements like sound effects, ways to share the animations, and end with ideas for taking the basics further.

Throughout all parts, Tim draws on his background in live theatre to focus on using the technology to tell stories, simple or complex.

Thank you to the Walter Scott & Partners Giving Group for supporting this project.