Photo by Yvonne Buskie

My City is a pilot project developed out of a new partnership between the Multi-Cultural Family Base (MCFB), Scottish Storytelling Centre and Imaginate. It is running from April - July 2018.

My City is working with a small group of Syrian families currently attending MCFB through workshops led by Victoria Beesley with Yvonne Buskie and Arran Howie. They will use theatre, puppetry and visual art to explore and create artistic responses to the relationships the families have with two important cities: a city, or one of the cities, they know from life in Syria and their new city of Edinburgh. Over a series of workshops, families will be encouraged to share Syrian culture (children’s stories, nursery rhymes, pop culture, food) and stories about the cities and towns they come from. They will also explore their new city of Edinburgh (its folk lore, its traditions, its architecture, landscape and culture).

The My City group (families, creative team and partners) attended Edinburgh International Children’s Festival together to see one of two high quality, international performances:

Ogo by Théâtre des Petites Âmes from Québec, for age 2.5 - 6 years
Expedition Peter Pan by Het Laagaland from the Netherlands, for age 7+

The group also met some of the performing artists and talked about the work together. The project will culminate in a public exhibition at Scottish Storytelling Centre that will run from 8 - 22 July 2018. See Storytelling Centre website for details.

The ideas the families share about Syria will be incorporated into a new, professional theatre production by Victoria Beesley based on the story of the 'cat man of Aleppo.'  You can read about her very early exploration into this piece here.

With huge thanks to the National Lottery who are co-funders of My City.