Grace Green


My name is Grace, I am 20 and I live in Glasgow studying acting. Since my early childhood I have attended acting and dance classes, gigs, shows and festivals. I come from a wee town in the north of Scotland called Forres - my parents moved there so my sister and I could attend the Moray Steiner School, now the Drumduan School.

After finishing school in 2015 I took two years out to work, travel, volunteer, act and play. I made theatre as part of the National Theatre of Scotland Exchange Festival 2016. I became actively involved in programming activities for the Moray Youth Arts Hub, and from there progressed into the National Youth Arts Advisory Group. I was also a member of the inaugural Scottish Youth Theatre National Ensemble 2017.

In experiencing culture, we are broadening our minds to the myriad possibilities of the future and engaging hope and imagination, building resilience and confidence. So by creating access to a broad range of inspiring, moving and empowering art as Imaginate Young Associates, we are welcoming the next generation of makers and movers, of shapers and thinkers.