Artists FAQ

If you are an artist who wants to know what we can offer, here’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions that might help you out…

How do I connect with Imaginate?

We are ALWAYS interested in talking to artists, those we know already and those we haven’t met yet. The more artists we know about and connect with, the stronger our sector will be.

We encourage you to contact our Creative Development Director, Fiona Ferguson if you want to talk about your work and what support might be available for you. Subject to time constraints, we aim to get out and see work, so do let us know when and where you’re performing.

We also welcome you all to our Social events to meet others who work in the same sector and connect with that very supportive network.  If you are new to the sector/Scotland or coming on your own, you can arrange to meet with us before the Social begins.

To find out what events and opportunities are taking place you can sign up to our mailing list and keep a regular check on our Creative Development website section and our Facebook and Twitter pages for artists (which can still be viewed if you don’t have a Facebook/Twitter account).

How do I connect with Imaginate if I live outside of Edinburgh?

We programme most of our Creative Development Events in Edinburgh and Glasgow but understand that there are many talented artists living and working across Scotland. We are committed to opening up opportunities beyond the central belt by covering travel costs to attend events and working with partners in other parts of Scotland.  

If you are making work for young audiences in Scotland we would like to know about you and your work so if we haven't met with you before contact our Creative Development Director and see here for information about performing at festival.

How do Imaginate select artists for opportunities?

This depends on the opportunity, but we aim to be transparent about all selections. Here is a list of our main opportunities and how we select artists:

  • Artists in Residence – these posts are always filled by open recruitment with a panel involved in shortlisting as well as interview.
  • Associate Artists – our Associates are chosen by Imaginate and will be artists we have an ongoing relationship with and who are at a point in their career where additional professional development support is most useful.
  • Ideas Fund/Ideas Exchange/Opening Weekend and other funding opportunities – wherever there is funding available, we set up a panel with at least one member of Imaginate staff, external organisations and a freelance artist.  We always aim for a gender balance and the panel members are usually named online.

If you would like to discuss any of these opportunities and our selection process please contact us.

What type of artists are you able to support?

We are interested in talking to any artists who are involved in making, or who are interested in making, work for young audiences. We are keen to offer this support to all the amazing people who make work happen, including producers, designers, technicians etc. When we use the word ‘artist’ it includes all of these people and not just the makers/performers.

Our programme is open to artists at all stages of their careers from those in higher education, emerging artists, mid-career artists, right through to those who are our most experienced artists. Many of the artists we support do not specialise in work for young audiences and we believe that enhances the talented young audiences sector in Scotland.

If you are unsure, contact us anyway and we can put you in touch with other organisations if more appropriate.

How do I give feedback on/make suggestions for the Creative Development Programme?

We want to hear from you about how you think we are doing and to hear your ideas about opportunities that we could develop so would encourage you to email us any time with that feedback and/or suggestions.

You can contact our Creative Development Director throughout the year to discuss the programme, we really encourage you to be proactive in contacting us to make suggestions or feedback on your experience.