Scratch That! at Tramway

17 February 2022
  • Development of 'A Home for Hamish' by Clare Adam and Lesley Howard c. David Thomas Adam Photography
  • Thursday 17 February 19:00
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Scratch That is back! Join us for our first live Creative Development event of the year, in partnership with Glasgow Tramway, for an evening of high quality, exciting and diverse new early-stage dance and theatre pieces for children and young people. This is an excellent opportunity to see a selection of theatre, dance and installation performances being developed for young audiences at the moment, and give valuable feedback to the artists.

Note: this event is aimed at artists and young audience professionals and is not for children

This event will be BSL interpreted.
Your ticket will include access to our networking event in the bar afterwards. 

Scratch That! programme

By Drew Taylor-Wilson
With Afton Moran, BOBBIE and Indie McCue

This is a performance presentation about a transgender tropical fish, and his journey of self-discovery. The team has created a poetic fishy tale that normalises the idea of trans people for children and their parents. Many breeds of live-bearing tropical fish change gender – they're using this little-known fact about a household pet to chat about the frequency of trans identities in nature, the ease with which a trans person can be accepted by their family and the joy that person finds in fully stepping [swimming] into themselves.

By Priyanka Jha
Directed by Niloo-Far Khan

Priyanka is presenting an excerpt from her play Retrieving. The story opens in colonial New Delhi, India in the 1920s and follows two characters, Pushpa and Kalyani, as they plan a heist to retrieve a family heirloom that was stolen from them by a third character Andrew / Andrea in a narrative that incorporates surreal and highly stylised elements, such as a take on the Disneyland ride ‘It’s a Small World After All’, gender bending and, later on in the play, a gameshow format. In the penultimate Act, it is revealed that the duo are actually operating in modern day Britain. This temporal shift along with the non-naturalistic elements of the piece are designed to force an interrogation of the young audience’s beliefs about violence and protest outside of the legal norm as a way to provoke change, as well as to subversively explore how the legacy of colonialism still affects us in Britain today.
Priyanka is a current Imaginate Launchpad artist.

By Clare Adam and Lesley Howard

Clare and Lesley will be sharing a section of their current Work in Progress A Home for Hamish. Their sensory filled children’s piece follows the friendship of ‘May’ and her imaginary friend ‘Hamish’, as they travel across Scotland. Immerse yourself in their adventure as they meet a friendly dragon at Edinburgh Castle or some helpful Jellyfish living deep in Loch Ness. Communicating through British Sign Language, and the playful merging of Contemporary dance.

By Ruby Hirsch

Critical malfunction of the lungs! All Brain Ministers to meet immediately in the chest cavity!  The lungs have collapsed; the whole Body is starved of oxygen and risks total shut down. The Brains have called an emergency assembly but they're all talk and no action - and time is running out fast. The lung workers must take matters into their own hands, but can they find a way to overcome the corruption and greed of the Brain Committee and work together to save the Body? 
Ruby is a current Imaginate Launchpad artist.