Launchpad - Rosa Duncan


"My favourite thing about working with young audiences is how generous they can be with their imagination and emotion. Young audience's reactions are so immediate that you cannot ignore the importance of a live connection between performance and audience. 

The sensibilities and curiosity of young minds has always made the prospect of juxtaposing deeply political work with silly, light hearted nonsense very exciting. I'm so chuffed to be receiving this support from Imaginate in order to make this experimentation happen!"

—Rosa Duncan

Rosa is one of our two current Launchpad artists.  She has been working with Imaginate to develop a new scratch idea called Which Wires What that she shared at our last Scratch That! event at the Traverse Theatre on Tuesday 30 October.

Which Wires What

So many wires but where do they go and what do they do anyway?

We are always trying to discover how things work, why they work or why they don’t. Sometimes we discover that logic does not always give you the result you expected and we have to decide how we are going to negotiate this. Our world has many inconsistencies and inequalities - this (as yet untitled) performance will explore this in an absurdist, playful and joyous way.

This project explores the idea of progress, fairness and inequality. We get to experience the emotional states that occur when we achieve something, when we fail and when we push beyond hopelessness.

Rosa will share a work in progress of Which Wires What as part of Edinburgh International Children's Festival in May 2019.

Rosa Duncan is a Glasgow based performance director. Rosa is interested in performance where form is shaped by content. Having trained at the Lancaster Institute of Contemporary Arts, Rosa aspires to work across art forms. Having spent the last few years assisting at the Dundee Rep, The Tron Theatre, Stellar Quines and Oran Mor, Rosa is excited to return to exploring work specifically for young audiences.