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A captivating story about overcoming self-doubt, of resilience and the power of teamwork, told through circus tricks and creative movement. This fun and energetic performance will inspire learning in a range of Expressive Arts, as well as spark discussion around Health and Wellbeing.

Opportunities for learning and curriculum links

Expressive Arts (Dance)
I enjoy creating short dance sequences, using travel, turn, jump, gesture, pause and fall, within safe practice. EXA 1-08a/2-08a

Inspired by a range of stimuli, I can express my ideas, thoughts and feelings through creative work in dance. EXA 1-09a/2-09a

Health and Wellbeing
I am aware of and able to express my feelings and am developing the ability to talk about them. HWB 1-01a / HWB 2-01a

I understand that my feelings and reactions can change depending upon what is happening within and around me. This helps me to understand my own behaviour and the way others behave. HWB 1-04a / HWB 2-04a

I know that friendship, caring, sharing, fairness, equality and love are important in building positive relationships. As I develop and value relationships, I care and show respect for myself and others. HWB 1-05a / HWB 2-05a

Literacy (Listening and Talking)
I can show my understanding of what I listen to or watch by responding to and asking different kinds of questions. LIT 1-07a

I can show my understanding of what I listen to or watch by responding to literal, inferential, evaluative and other types of questions, and by asking different kinds of questions of my own. LIT 2-07a

Class Stage
Curriculum Links
Expressive Arts
Health and Wellbeing
Literacy and English
Traverse 1
Duration: 45 min
Seating: Theatre seating
Traverse 1
10 Cambridge Street , Edinburgh , EH1 2ED
  • Friday 31 May 10:00
  • Friday 31 May 18:00
  • Saturday 1 June 14:00
  • Saturday 1 June 18:00
  • Sunday 2 June* 11:00
  • Sunday 2 June 14:30
  • *Relaxed performance

The stage is set: a simple black curtain stands centre stage. Then two hidden circus artists appear and the show begins... But as the two disoriented acrobats move to perform their first lift, a terrible doubt arises in their seemingly well-oiled routine. Is this the right move? Is this what we rehearsed?

Driven by the need to continue at any cost, the duo invents new moves and jostles. Sometimes absurdly lost and meandering, but always bouncing back.

By Trial and Error is a delightful show of acrobatic lifts, full of humour borrowed from burlesque and silent cinema, where the audience is constantly surprised by the antics and skill of the performers.

“This delicate show will leave you perched on the edge of your seat and beaming from ear to ear”

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