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Drawing inspiration from real-life events, the show explores the topics of conflict, displacement, and resilience. Through a blend of storytelling and digital animation, the visually powerful performance will lead to meaningful discussion and opportunities for further learning in Social Studies and RME. Students could be encouraged to explore an imagined personal response in Literacy.

Opportunities for learning and curriculum links

Social Studies
I can compare and contrast a society in the past with my own and contribute to a discussion of the similarities and differences. SOC 2-04a

I can describe the factors contributing to a major social, political or economic change in the past and can assess the impact on people’s lives. SOC 3-05a

I can discuss why people and events from a particular time in the past were important, placing them within a historical sequence. SOC 2-06a

Religious and Moral Education
I am developing my understanding of how my own and other people’s beliefs and values affect their actions. RME 2-09d

Literacy (Listening and Talking)
I am developing confidence when engaging with others within and beyond my place of learning. I can communicate in a clear, expressive way and I am learning to select and organise resources independently. LIT 2-10a

Expressive Arts
I have experienced the energy and excitement of presenting/performing for audiences and being part of an audience for other people’s presentations/performances.  EXA 2-01a / EXA 3-01b

Class Stage
Curriculum Links
Expressive Arts
Literacy and English
Religious and Moral Education
Social Studies
Scottish Storytelling Centre
Duration: 70 min incl. Q&A
Seating: Theatre seating

Content warning: Themes of Holocaust, war, being forced to leave your home

Scottish Storytelling Centre
43-45 High St, Edinburgh, EH1 1SR
  • Tuesday 28 May 13:00
  • Tuesday 28 May* 19:00
  • Wednesday 29 May 10:00
  • Wednesday 29 May 13:00
  • Thursday 30 May 10:00
  • Thursday 30 May 13:00
  • *BSL interpreted performance

The Yellow Canary is based on a true story and is a leap into the imagination of a young boy as he attempts to escape the horrors of war, exploring love, loss, and what it means to flee your home.  

Performance maker Tashi Gore uncovers the real-life journey her uncle Bernard took as a young Jewish boy, forced to leave his home city of Paris with just his parents and his pet canary for company. 

Combining live storytelling, testimony, and digital animation, The Yellow Canary brings together visual theatre expert Ross MacKay, playwright Will Gore, and director Jess Thorpe, in a compelling and timely performance. 

MacKay’s line drawings are a delight… It’s only 10 minutes, but it chirps. I want to see more.” Lyn Gardner on The Yellow Canary work-in-progress

Access Information

  • Set design: A performer, A large screen with projected animation, an arm chair and a desk 
  • Performers: One performer who plays herself and tells the story alongside a recorded testimony from her uncle. 
  • Lights: Warm open lighting, bright projection on screen and some projection that travels around the space 
  • Experience: The performer directly addresses the audience in the telling of the story. There is projected animation and music and record sound throughout. 
  • Capacity: 99

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