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A thought-provoking performance that combines humour, animated drawings, dance, and sound to deliver a powerful message about the dangers of consumerism. The idea of an ecological footprint can be explored further through aspects of Social Studies and RME, while there is an opportunity for students to explore how they can use a variety of artforms to express their thoughts and feelings.

Social Studies
I can discuss the environmental impact of human activity and suggest ways in which we can live in a more environmentally responsible way. SOC 2-08a/ SOC 3-08a

Expressive Arts
I have experienced the energy and excitement of presenting/performing for audiences and being part of an audience for other people’s presentations/performances.  EXA 2-01a / EXA 3-01b

Having developed ideas from a range of stimuli, I can contribute to devising, rehearsing and presenting drama or scripts. EXA 3-14a

Inspired by a range of stimuli, and working on my own and/or with others, I can express and communicate my ideas, thoughts and feelings through musical activities. EXA EXA 2-18a

Health and Wellbeing
I understand that my feelings and reactions can change depending upon what is happening within and around me. This helps me to understand my own behaviour and the way others behave. HWB 2-04a / HWB 3-04a

As I explore the rights to which I and others are entitled, I am able to exercise these rights appropriately and accept the responsibilities that go with them. I show respect for the rights of others. HWB 1-09a / HWB 2-09a / HWB 3-09a

Class Stage
Curriculum Links
Religious and Moral Education
Social Studies
Traverse 1
Duration: 50 min
Seating: Theatre seating
Traverse 1
10 Cambridge Street , Edinburgh , EH1 2ED
  • Monday 27 May 19:00
  • Tuesday 28 May 13:15
  • Tuesday 28 May 19:00
  • Wednesday 29 May 10:15
  • Wednesday 29 May* 13:15
  • Thursday 30 May 10:15
  • *Relaxed performance

How many plastic cups do you use in a lifetime? Two performers explore the story of our strange evolution and dig into the complexity of the topic ‘ecological intelligence’. Along the way, they keep raising new questions and encounter an ever-growing mountain of rubbish.

Using a mix of of animated drawings, dance and sound collages, TRASHedy takes an honest, humorous look at our freedom of choice and consumerist behaviour, and invites us to reflect on our actions. Because everything we do has an impact. Somewhere.

"Performing Group manages to deal with the topic of consumerism and environmental protection with outstanding subtle humor..." Augenblick Mal

Access Information

  • Set design: A white dance floor and a simple white screen
  • Performers: 2 performers
  • Lighjts: simple light design
  • Experience: A wild mix of performance, music and video. Some mild audience interaction.
  • Capacity: 214
  • Relaxed show pack can be downloaded here


Produced by performing:group and tanzhaus nrw
Performed by: Julia Mota Carvalho and Daniel Mathéus
Concept & Directed by: Leandro Kees
Developed by: Leandro Kees, Daniel Mathéus, Martin Rascher
Dramaturgy: Daniel Mathéus, Leandro Kees
Sound Composition & Video: Martin Rascher
Dramaturgical Assistance: Julia Mota Carvalho
Drawings: Leandro Kees

Supported by the Goethe-Institut Glasgow

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